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Heading: " " Catalog Number: 0

Heading: "A.U.S.T.R.A.L.I.A.: Announcement. " Catalog Number: 47938

Heading: "AAA Edizioni (Italian). Luther Blissett: Toto, Peppino e la Guerra Psichica: Announcement. " Catalog Number: 43755

Heading: "Abracadabra [Los Angeles]. Vol.1. No.3. [Gerald W. Lange --Editor (American): Southern California Decade, A: An Exhibition of Contemporary Books]. " Catalog Number: 26979

Heading: "Abracadabra [Los Angeles]. No.9/Spr. [Kitty Maryatt --Editor (): Special Calligraphy Issue]. " Catalog Number: 34300

Heading: "Abracadabra [Los Angeles]. No.10/Spr. [(Auto)biographical Writing and the Artists' Book]. " Catalog Number: 27142

Heading: "Ackerman, Martin S. (American). Smart Money and Art: Investing in Fine Art. " Catalog Number: 27587

Heading: "Ackerman, Martin S. (American). Smart Money and Art: Investing in Fine Art. " Catalog Number: 49666

Heading: "Acts: A Journal of New Writing. No.7. [David Levi Strauss --Editor (American): Analytic Lyric]. " Catalog Number: 24792

Heading: "Adamczewska, Joanna --Wilmanski, Tomasz (Polish). Ksiazka I Co Dalej: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 26911

Heading: "Adrian, Marc --Blackout, Moucle (Austrian, Czechoslovakian). Poemas Inventionists. " Catalog Number: 24918

Heading: "Afterimage. Vol.12. No.6. " Catalog Number: 25322

Heading: "Afterimage. Vol.15. No.6/Jan. " Catalog Number: 25250

Heading: "Afterimage. Vol.17. No.5/Dec. " Catalog Number: 25234

Heading: "Agius, Juan J. (Spanish). No.17: Rubber Stamp Art 2, Livres D'Artiste: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 29432

Heading: "Agius, Juan J. (Spanish). Publications and Projects by Stempelplaats, Amsterdam 1978-1980: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 29308

Heading: "Agius, Juan J. (Spanish). C: Rubber Stamps Art: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 31562

Heading: "Agius, Juan J. (Spanish). Livres d' Artiste: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 35508

Heading: "Agius, Juan J. (Spanish). Bookworks Books & Multiples: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 41446

Heading: "Agius, Juan J. (Spanish). Bookworks 2 Books & Multiples: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 41471

Heading: "Agius, Juan J. (Spanish). Bookworks 3 Books & Multiples: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 41685

Heading: "Agius, Juan J. (Spanish). Conceptual Art, Artists' Books: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 43909

Heading: "Agius, Juan J. (Spanish). Dutch Material Books & Multiples: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 43495

Heading: "Agius, Juan J. (Spanish). Magazines Books & Multiples: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 43325

Heading: "Agius, Juan J. (Spanish). Artist's Books: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 48809


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This joyful documentary speaks volumes about the Archive. With Ruth and Marvin Sackner, Tom Phillips, Johanna Drucker, and Albert DuPont.