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Heading: " " Catalog Number: 0

Heading: "Abdell, Douglas (American). Kryad Poems. " Catalog Number: 24744

Heading: "Andre, Carl (American). Ausstellung: Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 72855

Heading: "Andre, Carl (American). Eleven Poems. " Catalog Number: 27353

Heading: "Anselmo, Giovanni (Italian). Lire. " Catalog Number: 26794

Heading: "Anull, Ian (Swiss). 1000. " Catalog Number: 25137

Heading: "Anull, Ian (Swiss). 1000. " Catalog Number: 28422

Heading: "Aroneanu, Pierre --Berman, Laurent (French). L'Amiral des Mots 2nd Edition. " Catalog Number: 71320

Heading: "Aroneanu, Pierre --Monaco, Gerard (French). L'Amiral des Mots. " Catalog Number: 71160

Heading: "Arteria. No.2. [Omar Khouri --Editor (Brazilian): Arte=Verbal]. " Catalog Number: 27658

Heading: "Artist Publisher, The: A Survey by Coracle Press: Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 25453

Heading: "Artists Books. No.13. [George Brecht --Stefan Wewerka (American, German): Letters And Jazz]. " Catalog Number: 25369

Heading: "Artists Books. No.19. [Arnulf Rainer (Austrian): Zoologische Miniaturen]. " Catalog Number: 25364

Heading: "Assembling Magazines: Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 73360

Heading: "Atlan --Dotremont, Christian (Belgian). Les Transformes. " Catalog Number: 25744

Heading: "Balestrini, Nanni --Paladino, Mimmo (Italian). Viaggio. " Catalog Number: 71308

Heading: "Bantock, Nick (Canadian). Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence. " Catalog Number: 24201

Heading: "Barry, Robert (American). 1969-1970. " Catalog Number: 23422

Heading: "Bart, Harriet --Lohr, Helmut (American, German). Dialogue; Alchemy of The Word: Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 24264

Heading: "Basinski, Michael (American). Beseechers. " Catalog Number: 42967

Heading: "Basquiat, Jean Michel (American). Amateur Bout. " Catalog Number: 23587

Heading: "Bau. No.0. [Vittore Baroni --Editor (Italian)]. " Catalog Number: 45189

Heading: "Beard, Peter (American). Beyond the End of the World. " Catalog Number: 37594

Heading: "Beining, Guy R. (American). Several Steps from the Rope. " Catalog Number: 42955

Heading: "Bell, Nikki --Langlands, Ben (British). Frozen Sky. " Catalog Number: 37484


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This joyful documentary speaks volumes about the Archive. With Ruth and Marvin Sackner, Tom Phillips, Johanna Drucker, and Albert DuPont.