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Heading: "Art and Artists. Vol.1. No.5/Aug. [Auto Destructive]. " Catalog Number: 25331

Heading: "Art Base (German). Destruction in Art Symposium: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 49618

Heading: "Arts Magazine. Vol.65. No.5/Jan. " Catalog Number: 25535

Heading: "Atticus Review. No.18/Spr. [Harry Polkinhorn --David Quattrociocchi --Editors (American)]. " Catalog Number: 27412

Heading: "Bound & Unbound. Books Objects Papers; Eclectic Selection: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 22750

Heading: "Bound & Unbound (American). List A-96a-h: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 35938

Heading: "Bound & Unbound (American). happening & fluxus: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 43914

Heading: "Box of Water. Vol.1. No.4. [Stephen Perkins --Editor (British)]. " Catalog Number: 24382

Heading: "Campbell, Marcus (British). [Concrete & Visual Poetry]: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 71799

Heading: "Cobbing, Bob (British). Destruction in Art Symposium (D.I.A.S.). " Catalog Number: 18064

Heading: "Cobbing, Bob (British). Destruction in Art Symposium Panel 1 [d.i.a.s. (1)]. " Catalog Number: 48010

Heading: "Cobbing, Bob (British). Destruction in Art Symposium Panel 2 [d.i.a.s. (2)]. " Catalog Number: 48011

Heading: "Cobbing, Bob (British). Destruction in Art Symposium Panel 3 [d.i.a.s. (3)]. " Catalog Number: 48013

Heading: "Cobbing, Bob (British). For D.I.A.S.. " Catalog Number: 27733

Heading: "Cobbing, Bob (British). Integration Alone Is Not Enough. " Catalog Number: 20295

Heading: "Cobbing, Bob (British). Integration Alone Is Not Enough. " Catalog Number: 71443

Heading: "Cobbing, Bob (British). Variations on Typestract. " Catalog Number: 48012

Heading: "Cobbing, Bob (British). Collected Poems Volume Nine: Lame Limping Mangled Marked Mutilated. " Catalog Number: 17712

Heading: "Davis, Douglas (American). Art and the Future. " Catalog Number: 15170

Heading: "Decollage. No.6/Jul. [Wolf Vostell --Editor (German)]. " Catalog Number: 15007

Heading: "Destruction in Art Symposium (DIAS): Announcement. " Catalog Number: 15672

Heading: "Destruction in Art Symposium Program (DIAS): Preliminary Report: Announcement. " Catalog Number: 15703

Heading: "Factotumbook. No.31/Jan. [Arman (French): Conscious Vandalism]. " Catalog Number: 11100

Heading: "Fogg, Sam (British). No.12: Printed Matter: Rare Catalogues & Books By Artists: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 11693

Heading: "Furnival, John (British). [Letter to George (Dowden)]. " Catalog Number: 13528


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