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Maker/Manufacturer:MOORE, ROBERT A.
Date of Manufacture:
Eminent Figure:
Catalog Number:SPAR 5083
Measurements:25cm L x 4cm W x 2.2 cm thick

Object Description:

Manufactured by - Moore silencer for M1903 rifle (SPAR-6182).

Bayonet lug: 277.

Silencer transferred to the Museum on 28 May 1940.

Notes: "Robert A. Moore, Chicago, Illinois, received on 3 May 1910 patent number 956,717 for a detachable silencer having an integral bayonet designed to be used on the '03 rifle. An improved revision of this silencer was developed by Mr. Moore and was issued patent numbers 1,021,742 on 26 March 1912.
Tests conducted during 1910-11 resulted in 100 of the improved type Moore silencers being purchased by the Ordnance Department for issue, during 1912-1913, to selected organizations for tests in comparison with the Maxim silencer. The Moore silencer attached to the muzzle of the '03 by means of a band latched behind the rear sight and around the barrel, and a hinged latch device that locked the silencer to the bayonet lug on the bottom of the upper band. The upper band screw hole was reinforced to prevent the forward thrust on the band from damaging the forend of the stock. The casing and internal parts were welded together. Like the Maxim, this silencer could not be disassembled for internal cleaning. However, a standard bayonet could be used on it." - Brophy

"TEST OF MOORE SILENCER ATTACHED TO A U.S. RIFLE, CALIBER .30, MODEL 1903 IN COMPARISON WITH A MAXIM SILENCER, MODEL 1, LATTER ATTACHED TO THE SAME RIFLE: From the results of the above tests the Board is of the opinion that there is but little difference between the Moore and Maxim silencers as regards, reduction of sound, recoil and flash; that the method of attachment of the Moore silencer to the service rifle is superior to the attachment provided with the Maxim silencer, model 15; that while the Moore silencer gives higher velocity and does not deflect shot group as much as the Maxim silencer; yet the endurance of the Moore silencer indicate that it has not yet been sufficiently perfected to withstand rapid fire and is therefore inferior to the Maxim silencer.
After later tests of this silencer for accuracy and endurance, 100 of the silencers were purchased for full trial, including the experimental use with troops." - S.E. Blunt,
O.O. 39311/228

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