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Title:RIFLE, MILITARY -  U.S. RIFLE M1C .30 SN# 3349163
Maker/Manufacturer:GARAND, JOHN C.
Date of Manufacture:12/01/1944
Eminent Figure:
Catalog Number:SPAR 964
Measurements:OL:110.4CM 43 1/2" BL: 60.9CM 24" 11.22 lbs.

Object Description:

U.S. RIFLE M1C .30 SN# 3349163
Manufactured by Springfield Armory, Springfield, Ma. in 1944 - Standard U.S. semi-automatic M1C sniper rifle with 8-round clip feed mechanism. Complete with M82 scope (SPAR-967) and M2 flash hider (SPAR-5504.). Weapon weighs approximately 11.22 lbs. Complete with sling and in excellent condition.

Receiver: U.S. RIFLE/CAL..30 M1/SPRINGFIELD/ARMORY/3349163.
Bolt: D28287-1 W.R.A.
Barrel: 1 S-A-2-45. P.
Mount: 3344888
Trigger mechanism: D28290-18-SA.
Stock: BA. BA = Benicia Arsenal rebuilt.

Weapon transferred to the Museum on 7 January 1965.

Notes: "The M1C was spun off the M1E7 project using a Griffin & Howe side scope mount plate, base, and rings, and the original scope was the Lyman M73 "Alaskan." Pins and screws secured this unit to the left side of the receiver, requiring five holes to be drilled into the receiver. By late 1944 the design was standardized, and some saw actual use late in the war. Virtually all standard scopes were nominally 2.5 magnifications, although actual optical measurement of various units proves that they, in reality, were anywhere from just under two power to almost three. Early units bore serial numbers, but it is not correct to say that scopes, mounts, and rifles must all match - especially not on authentic rifles that have seen service. To the collector, a word of caution: there are more fake M1Cs around than real; unless they are very thoroughly documented, buy these as rifles, not as collector's items.
Receiver: all documented units are Springfield Armory, from about 3,000,000 to 3,900,000.
Barrels: originals would be SA units from late 1944 to approximately August 1945, but a replaced barrel of latter date would not seriously diminish value.
Base/Mount: Griffin & Howe, stamped with serial number and often other ID numbers.
Optics: M73 Lyman Alaskan or military copy, M81 (crosshairs), M82 (tapered post), M84 a common replacement.
Accessories: flash hiders, cheekpieces, etc." - Thompson

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Thompson, Jim. THE COMPLETE M1 GARAND: A GUIDE FOR THE SHOOTER AND COLLECTOR. Paladin Press. Boulder, Colorado. 1998.

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