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Maker/Manufacturer:WALTHER, CARL
Date of Manufacture:1948
Eminent Figure:
Catalog Number:SPAR 1909
Measurements:OL: 17.1CM 6 3/4" BL: 9.5CM 3 3/4" 1.8 lbs. unloaded

Object Description:

Manufactured by Kirikkale TufeF FB, Istanbul, Turkey - Turkish copy of Walther PP. Differs from original in machining to simplify production, and a finger rest on the magazine platform. Blued finish with two-piece checkered plastic grips. 6-groove rifling, right hand twist. Muzzle velocity of 950 fps. Weapon weighs approximately 1.8 lbs. unloaded. Weapon is complete with 7-round detachable box magazine and in excellent condition.

Slide: KIRIKKALE TUFEK FB CAP. 9MM. (Right): 1948.
Grips: KIRIKKALE in banner.

Notes: Weapon has no serial number. 1948 is date of manufacture. Cartridge 9mm short.

"The Kirrikale is yet another copy of the Walther Model PP. The only changes from the original design are relatively small modifications in machining to simplify production, and a finger-rest on the magazine platform (although this was sometimes seen on original Walther weapons.) Stripping, functioning and operating are exactly as for the Walther." - Hogg & Weeks

Hogg, Ian V. & John S. Weeks. MILITARY SMALL ARMS OF THE 20TH CENTURY. 7th Ed. Krause Publications. Iola, Wi. 2000.

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