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Date of Manufacture:
Eminent Figure:
Catalog Number:SPAR 6594
Measurements:OL: 93.9C 37" BL: 81.2C 32"

Object Description:

Manufactured by Springfield Armory, Springfield, Ma. - Slightly curved steel blade. Black horn grips with finger grooves. Half-basket brass counterguard with quillon terminating above blade in bulbous finial. Complete with 35 1/4" nickel-steel scabbard with two rings. The brass or 'gilded' hilt indicates use by Artillery officers and was in use by officers as long as swords were regulation.

SPRINGFIELD/ARMORY/SPRINGFIELD/MASS. U.S.A. U.S. PLURIBUS Eagle UNUM. Saber was before the Board on Equipment and Uniform, July 29, 1902.

1909 Catalog #13049 - "Saber. Officer's Saber. This saber was before the Board on Equipment and Uniform, July 29, 1902. Bright steel scabbard."

Notes: "Adopted July 17, 1902 by authority of General Order No. 81, M-1902 Officers Saber was to be carried by all officers with the exception of Chaplains. The change was made from M-1860 Staff and Field Officers Sword when of a Board of Infantry Officers, convened in 1889, found the earlier blade too light for slashing, not stiff enough for thrusting and unsuited for mounted cavalry or artillery use.
The Board requested permission to submit a sword design that would meet their requirements whether on foot or mounted. General S.V. Benet, Chief of Ordnance, submitted the Infantry Board request to the Secretary of War, but with an unfavorable recommendation. Nothing was done about the request until 1902, when a light saber, copied from a French design, was submitted and adoptedů.
Armory production records indicated that 5735 sabers were made between 1902 and 1918 at the Springfield Armory." - Kellerstedt

General Orders - No. 81 - July 17, 1902 - "The saber shall be habitually worn hooked up, guard to the rear; it was be worn outside the overcoat. The proper saber knot will always be worn with the sabre...
For all officers, except chaplins - according to pattern in the office of Quartermaster General; the guard and scabbard to be of German silver."

"Special Report of New Work undertaken and New Supplies issued for Service. #46. April 1, 1902....NEW MODEL OFFICERS' SWORDS: Now in process of manufactured, in three lengths of blade - 30, 32, and 34 inches." - O.O. Letter, 26791-0-72.

"SABER SCABBARDS - The scabbards for officer's sabers are now being made of steel, nickel-plated, instead of German silver." - Special Bimonthly Report of New Work Undertaken and New Supplies Issued for Service. 26791-0-348. March 1, 1904."

Army #1439 - Loaned to Major Charles C. Tolbert, 1 AAA Regional Command, Ft. Totten, New York from 15 April 1957 to 20 May 1957.

Kellerstedt, Burton A. SWORDS AND SABERS OF THE ARMORY AT SPRINGFIELD. New Britain, Ct. 1998.

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